War Talks – Third Season – 2018

Almost a month ago, I published a provisional list of War Talks for our third season.  The original list comprised five Talks between September and Christmas 2018, this has been expanded and one date clarified.  I have attached the latest list of Talks, and the poster for the first Talk in the Series, but thought I’d take this opportunity to give some detail on the recent editions and give a full list of Talks for the rest of the year.

The first addition, and the first in the Season’s talks, will be given by Professor Charles Esdaile of the University of Liverpool, and formerly the President of the British Commission for Military History (BCMH).  Professor Esdaile will speak on the subject of ‘Waterloo: The Unknown Battle‘ on Thursday 13th September 2018.  The Talk will take place on Nelson’s flagship, HMS Victory, and will be limited to around 35 places.  Those fortunate enough to attend will not only have an opportunity to listen to perhaps Britain’s foremost historian of the Napoleonic era and enjoy a guided tour of the historic warship afterwards, but will be able to do so free of charge, although a donation to HMS Victory’s nominated charity is gratefully received.

Our second additional Talk will be delivered by bestselling historian of the First World War and former Army officer Brig (Ret’d) Allan Mallinson.  Allan will speak on the subject of ‘1914-18: Cavalry, what was it for?‘ on Tuesday 27th November 2018.  The Talk will take place at the Aldershot Military Museum in Aldershot.  Whereas the talk on HMS Victory commences from 1800 hrs, the Talks at the Museum in Aldershot start at 1900 hrs in order to allow attendees to look around the Museum.  The Museum is a must for history buffs, telling the story of the Home of the British Army and the wider area but including a large collection of military vehicles including a First World War GS Wagon and perhaps more impressively the jeep driven by Lt Gen Sir Brian Horrocks throughout the campaign in North West Europe 1944-45.

My final amendment is to the second of our ‘On the Road’ initiatives:  In July, I stated that Maj Gen Mungo Melvin‘s talk in cooperation with the Tonbridge FWW Talks initiative at Tonbridge School was to be held on 19th November 2018, in fact it will be held on Monday 7th November 2018 at the School. So the full list of Talks up until Christmas 2018 is as advertised below:


I hope you can make one, or all of the Talks, they are all free and exceptional pieces of professional military education for serving personnel as well as entertainment for history lovers.

All the best,


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